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6X Natural Fertiliser (Chicken Manure) - 8kg


6X Natural Fertiliser (Chicken Manure) - 8kg

It’s called 6X Natural Fertiliser because it’s 6 to 8 times more concentrated, 6 to 8 times richer and much better value than even the best traditional fertiliser products. 

Contains no manufactured chemicals or lime and has been oven heated to sterilise and kill off any weed seeds or pathogens - so it’s safe to use on all types of flowers, plants, vegetables, fruit and lawns.

Used throughout the year, 6X Natural Fertiliser will condition soil and provide all the plant food & nutrients your garden requires. 

Analysis: Nitrogen (N) 5.8%; Phosphorus (P) 3.5%; Potassium (K) 3% 

For large expanses of lawns/paddocks, use in a spreader ... for excellent results.

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