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Miracle-Gro® EverGreen® Mosskill - 14kg


Miracle-Gro EverGreen Mosskill feeds and greens the lawn. It kills moss and greens in 7 days.

  • A combined granular lawn treatment, that can be used on your lawn to help combat moss and also nourish it with feed at the same time.
  • Can be used on lawns anytime between April - September, maximum of 2 applications per year, with a 3 month interval between treatments.
  • Apply when the weather is fair, the soil is moist, the grass is dry and frost free.
  • Any bare patches after application can be reseeded 8 weeks later.
More Information
Brands Miracle Gro
Pack Quantity 1
Coverage 400m²
Bag Size 14kg

Application by hand

  1. Apply at a maximum individual dose of 35g per square metre (1oz per square yard).
  2. For a visual guide to the correct rate, first spread the recommended amount over a small measured area.

Any other advice?

Results are quick, after 7 days the lawn will look richer in colour and the moss will start to blacken (any blackening of the grass is temporary). After 2 weeks, the lawn will need to be vigorously scarified (raked), to remove the dead moss, the grass will then re-establish.

Avoid mowing the lawn 2-3 days before or after application.

What about children and pets?

Children and pets should be kept out of the area during application, Once the area has been watered and is 100% dry, then re-entry should be allowed.

Where to use

For use on lawns. Can be used around trees in the lawn, but avoid contact with foliage. Can be applied where bulbs are are growing in the lawn, provided it is applied when there is no bulb foliage above ground level.

How often to apply

Maximum of 2 applications per year, with a 3 month interval between treatments. Any bare patches after application, can be reseeded 8 weeks later.

Fertiliser analysis

NPK 14-0-5.


Contains iron sulphate. Keep out of reach from children. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed stuffs.

If there is no rain fall within 2 days after application, water the lawn thoroughly so that the lawn food starts to work.

The first 4 lawn clippings after application should be thoroughly composted for 6 months, before they can be applied as a mulch.

Please note: Do not walk on the lawn after application until it has been watered in (rain, hose, etc.).

Apply this product very carefully as it will cause brown stains on any surface it comes into contact with e.g. clothing, tarmac drives, paving, decking and kitchen floors.

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

Do not walk on the treated area and keep children and pets away from the area until the product is thoroughly watered in and the grass is completely dry to stop it transferring onto other surfaces.  Sweep up any spillages and dispose of carefully.

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