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Coarse Potting Grit

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Coarse Potting Grit

Priced per 20kg bag

Coarse potting grit is deemed ideal for mixing with compost to provide both that much needed extra drainage and also open up the compost structure as well. It is also considered great for creating a top end decorative finish on pots, containers, rockeries, ponds, aquariums, alpine plantings and the like. This potting grit, is a horticultural grade lime free washed and coarse grit.  It is recommended for alpines, top dressing pots, cacti and succulents and rock plants, aquariums and even external pools as well.

It is a well washed quartzite grit. It both looks good and lasts long, even when used for extended periods of time. If you want to give a unique and aesthetically appealing look while helping provide drainage in pots as well as tubs then this Coarse Potting Grit is for you. So go ahead and order yours today and make your garden really stand out.

Lime free washed quartzite grit.

Ideal for: 

  • Adding to composts
  • Ponds & aquatic planting
  • Drainage in pots & tubs
  • Alpines & rock gardens

Improving drainage of heavy soils

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