Teku PÖPPELMANN Blue® Recycled Pots - 0.69ltr (5) Previous Teku PÖPPELMANN Blue® Recycled Pots - 0.69ltr (5)
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Teku PÖPPELMANN Blue® Recycled Pots - 0.89ltr (5)


SKU Pot Diameter Pot Height Volume Case Qty
VTG13RB 13cm 10cm 0.85ltr 1,332
VCG9RB 9cm 6.7cm 0.29ltr 3,600
VCG10RB 10cm 7.9cm 0.42ltr 2,700
VCG105RB 10.5cm 8.2cm 0.46ltr 2,072
VCG11RB 11cm 8.6cm 0.53ltr 2,212
VCG12RB 12cm 9.4cm 0.69ltr 1,449
VCG13RB 13cm 9.4cm 0.89ltr 1,134
VCG14RB 14cm 10.6cm 1.1ltr 990
VCG17RB 17cm 13.3cm 2ltr 540
VCG19RB 19cm 14.9cm 3ltr 392
VCH9RB 9cm 7.9cm 0.32ltr 3,384
VCH9FRB 9cm 9cm 0.37ltr 3,132
VCH11VOLRB 10.5cm 9.2cm 0.51ltr 1,932
VCH13VOLRB 12cm 10.6cm 0.75ltr 1,428
VCH14RB 14cm 12.2cm 1.2ltr 915

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