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Olympus Pro Heavy Duty Filter - 5000 Waterfall Pump 110W

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Heavy Duty Filter-Waterfall Pump - 5000 Waterfall Pump 110W

Lotus Olympus Pro pumps set a new standard in performance and reliability. They have been developed as high volume solids handling pumps and can operate a waterfall or filter without clogging. Other pumps adapted for the purpose use ‘modified’ impellers, which reduce the head of water. Multiple uses, capable of handling soft solids up to 8mm, ideal for 24 hour filter operation, working a stunning waterfall or feature. Depending on the model selected and requirement it may be possible to operate more than one feature simultaneously.

Available models:

3000 3000lph / max lift 2.5m / wattage 55w
4000 4000lph / max lift 2.6m / wattage 70w
5000 5000lph / max lift 3.7 / wattage 110w
6500 6500lph / max lift 3.5 / wattage 105w
8500 8500lph / max lift 3.5m / wattage 105w
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