Otter Legend Pond Pump Kit 1500 18W

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The Otter Legend range of technological advanced pumps are perfect for a range of applications. The 800 and 1500 models are ideal for small waterfalls or creating a stunning fountain feature. The higher performance models, 2500,3300 and 4000 are perfect to use as a fountain feature or a combination of both fountain and waterfall.

Otter Legend Pond Pump Kit 1500 18W

The new anti-clog filter cage reduces maintenance needs and increases the life of the pumps motor. The pumps are powerful and quiet to operate, designed for 24/7 usage.


  • 3 year guarantee
  • Powerful and silent
  • Foam Free
  • Anti-clog cage
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven reliability
  • Technologically advanced
  • 24/7 usage 
Model Max Lift M Watts Suitable for Fountains Suitable For Features Suitable for Waterfalls Suitable for filtration
800 1.4 9 Yes (small) Yes (small) no no
1500 1.75 18 Yes (small) Yes (small) Yes (small) Yes (small)
2500 2.15 55 Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium)
3300 2.35 60 Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium) Yes (Medium)
4000 2.6 70 Yes Yes Yes Yes
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