Felco Tools

Our Felco range is extensive enough to provide a tool for all your gardening requirements, without compromising on highest quality. No matter the size, use or price of your chosen Felco tool, the same Swiss-quality and expert craftsmanship has gone into each and every piece. So whether it’s a small all-purpose knife, or a large pair of loppers, you can rest easy knowing that your tool is going to be comfortable to grip, durable and made with quality in mind. The Felco range includes the perfect, durable tools for pruning and shearing, along with saws, shears and loppers.

We also offer a range of accessories to complement your Felco items, including quality-made leather holsters to easily store and carry around your gardening tools and make for an easier gardening experience, keeping your hands free and your Felco tool protected when you most need it. The Felco tools are built to last, but if you ever require any spare items or accessories, we provide that, too. Our replacement range includes all necessary blades and springs, as well as nuts and bolts. All replacement and spare parts are built with the same quality Swiss craftsmanship as your original tool.

Replacements and Accessories

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