Porous Pipe


Would you like to never have to water your plants again? Now, you can precisely deliver the correct amount of water to your plants using the world-famous porous pipe automatic irrigation system. Just like the professionals!
Our irrigation system is also the perfect solution for your vegetable garden, too.
At LoveGardening.com, we understand the correct irrigation techniques and how to supply the highest-quality solutions for automatic garden watering in order to save you the hassle.
Simply measure the area you wish to automatically water, select the correct size of watering pack and follow our simple installation guide. Then set the water timer, sit back and relax! You’ll never have to water again, and once the timer is set, you have nothing further to think about.
Our selection comes with a variety of hose lengths, and hoses can be bought separately alongside full kits to ensure that you only ever get what you need. Our porous pipes are provided with all the relevant fixtures and fittings, offering a complete solution for easy, automatic watering.
Buy porous pipe irrigation from LoveGardening.com today, for gentle and precise watering. You can also browse our website further for our complete range of irrigation systems, for complete watering solutions and eco-friendly irrigation.

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