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Katie Rushworth

Fans of ITV’s Love Your Garden will recognise Katie as one of its presenters, transforming gardens at the side of Alan Titchmarsh for the past ten years. Katie’s foundational skills include a degree in garden design, and her passion lies with the ability to provide guidance and great gardening tips to anyone interested in a garden project.

Katie loves to empower people to transform their gardens, stating:
“I love to hear people’s success stories. When they have taken my advice and it’s worked, you can see the confidence that gives them, which will only encourage them further down the garden path”.

Yet Katie doesn’t spend all her time beside Alan Titchmarsh. When she’s not filming, she is busy running a garden mentor business based in Yorkshire. Her business allows her to teach people how to garden and the best methods to transform their outdoor space.

Katie is vastly influenced by the countryside, and the green landscape which surrounds her home is often the muse for many of her planting schemes and design ideas.

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