Planters & Baskets

The right planters and hanging baskets can truly transform the outside of a home and within a garden, and add a variety of colour to any property. At, we carry a great selection of beautiful planters, ideal for bringing extra colour to your property, including a large selection of bowls, attractive baskets and planters.
If you’re looking for a great range of hanging baskets that can transform the appearance of your garden, we offer a great selection of baskets to suit all gardeners.
Amongst our most popular are heavy duty wire baskets, which ensure blooms last for many seasons. These are also available with optional liners.
Our vase options include our dependable flower tubes, which are guaranteed to give you a magnificent display.
We also offer baskets that come in many different shapes and sizes, including a large choice of attractive natural and rattan baskets, meaning you can always find the ideal style to suit your garden’s aesthetic.
Our selection also comes with self-watering raised planters in various colours, for a unique and low-maintenance addition to any outside space.
Our accessory range includes a variety of high strength brackets and chains to make sure that your flowers are always displayed in the most secure and best way possible.

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