Heating & Lighting


If you’re looking to create the perfect environment for your flowers, plants and vegetables, then LoveGardening.com are here to help you get the best possible results. We have a fantastic selection of products from the leading manufacturers in order to maximise your growing season and achieve optimum results you can be proud of.

Our range includes the best heating solutions, specialist propagators and soil sterilisers.

We offer a selection of heaters, including floor standing LPG heaters, electric heaters and a variety of heating mats. Our heating mats are supplied with various wattage options to make sure that you find the right heating solution for your needs.

Our heating solutions also come with a range of additional or required cables with varying lengths to suit your purpose and the space which you are working with.

At LoveGardening.com, our specialist lighting solutions include the latest LED grow lights and a range of conventional plant lighting, ensuring that you have great options to choose from.

We have an extensive range of specialist propagators and soil sterilisers, too. Our propagation range includes a variety of seed trays, lids and professional cell inserts.

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