Lawn Care


At, we understand the importance of lawn care. That’s why we only stock the best tools, feeds, fertilisers and treatments. Your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden, so allow us to help you keep yours in tip-top condition, using our range of lawn care products from leading manufacturers.
A major problem for any gardeners is moss. We carry the very best treatments to eradicate moss whilst feeding the grass and improving the soil.
We also carry a large selection of lawn seeds and water-based, high-performance organic feeds to keep your lawn looking great all year round.
We supply a great range of spreaders for seed and granular material, which carry up to a 30kg load to ensure an even distribution, always providing you with a great finished result.
We also provide lawn edging solutions. After all, keeping a clean edge to your lawn takes time and effort, so you might want to consider lawn edging instead. It saves hours of manual edging and always looks great. We supply lawn edging in a choice of colours, too, to better fit your garden.
As you can see from our website, we have a superb selection of quality lawn care products for you.

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