Are you looking to purchase a polytunnel or fruit cage for your outside space? Here at LoveGardening.com, we stock a wide range of the highest quality polytunnel structures, covers and relevant accessories. We also provide black polythene sheeting and shading, and the best poly cover cleaning agent: Poly-Purifier from Spray & Away. This agent removes tree sap and algae fast and easily, with no need for excessive effort, to maintain sunlight to your plants at all times.

We also stock other high-strength cleaning options, including greenhouse disinfectant from Citrox.

Our polytunnel structures come prepared for a variety of budgets, in a wealth of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a cage shape, dome or the classic polytunnel shape you’re looking for, we have an option to suit your needs. Our extensive selection also includes all required accessories, including hoops and varying widths of film suited for you.

We also offer high-quality tunnel repair solutions for help with maintaining your polytunnel, which includes joining tape and nails.

Check out our range of domestic polytunnels on LoveGardening.com to find your perfect structure. Coupled with our accessory, cleaning and repair solutions, our site is the only supplier you’ll need for all your polytunnel requirements.

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