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Spray & Away Crystal Clear Water - 1L


Specifically formulated to control algae and weed pollution in lakes and ponds using a natural solution. Crystal Clear Water does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals such as herbicides, algaecides or bactericides.

Within minutes of applying the product, Crystal Clear Water creates an artificial shadow within the water to halt UV light from reaching the bottom, which in turn will inhibit and halt any growth of water borne algae and aquatic weeds.

Crystal Clear Water is the perfect solution for all sizes of ponds including small garden ponds and the larger deeper lakes. Crystal Clear Water works by blocking the Ultra Violet elements from the sun to halt the growth of existing and formation of new alage. Ideal for any size pond.

Crystal Clear Water can be used in a wide range of ponds, from just a few millimetres to several meters deep and serves as an ideal backdrop for flowering aquatic plants. Ponds treated with Crystal Clear Water do not pose a threat to insects, visiting wildlife or fish. Only casting a slight ‘shado ’ within the water it is ideal for use in ‘fish ponds’ or other aquatic areas where visibility beneath the surface is important.


Crystal Clear is in concentrate form. Calculate the volume of water to be treated in the pond/Lake and divide the number by the minimum dosage figure below.

Minimum Dosage

1 kg per 5.75 million litres.

Dosage instructions

It is advisable to round up to the nearest whole number of units. Allow a few days for Crystal Clear Water to fully mix throughout the lake. To maintain the level of Crystal Clear Water in the water, as a general guide, add 10% of the original dose monthly.

As the minimum dosage Crystal Clear Water works best in ponds with a minimum depth of 1000mm. For shallower ponds an increased dosage is required. For example, 500 mm depth requires a double dose, 250 mm would require 4 times the minimum dose etc. It is quite safe to use higher doses. For a very small pond of 1000 litres of 300 mm depth (the type typically purchased from a garden centre) would only require 5 gms of Crystal Clear Water.

* Blue Liquid which creates blue shadow once applicated.

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