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Cryptolaemus Mealybug Control (25 Bugs)


The parasitic wasps Leptomastix dactylopii and Anagyrus pseudococci compliment the natural control of Cryptolaemus by providing a more general 'patrol' before mealybug populations build up to high levels.

This product is only available: April May June July August September.

Mealy Bug - This sap sucking insect is protected with white waxy threads, which often make chemical control unsuccessful. The mealybugs Planococcus citri and Pseudococcus viburnii attack a wide range of house plants and ornamentals in protected environments.

Control With Cryptolamus - The predatory ladybird is a specialist in clearing mealybug populations at temperature over 20ºC.

They require temperatures of 20ºC for several hours per day to become active.

Use regular introductions between June and August for effective control.

If using both mealybug parasitoid mix and Cryptolaemus, release the ladybirds at least two weeks after wasp introduction.

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