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Encarsia Glasshouse Whitefly Control (Up to 50m²)


Tiny parasitic wasps which lay eggs in the whitefly scale. The Encarsia larva kills the scale which turns black before a new adult Encarsia emerges. Supplied on cards that are simply hung in the plants. Repeat applications are advisable if the problem is severe. 

Controls: Slugs, Greenfly, Blackfly, Vine Weevil, Ants, Spider Mite, Mealy Bug, Chafer Grubs, Leatherjackets, Caterpillars, Thrips

Many garden pests have natural predators but sometimes nature needs a helping hand in delivering the beneficial insects to the right place, at the right time. Beneficial insects can help protect your garden without the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides.
Natural pest controls are best used at the first sign of pests. They are living creatures and must be handled carefully. Using regulartreatments gives effective control to produce wholesome fruit, flowers and vegetables. They come with easy to follow instructions, most need to be applied upon the day of delivery.

Easy and safe to use

  • Harmless to pets, children, bees and other wildlife
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Able to control pests for which there is no effective chemical available
RefDescriptionPack qty
BC125DCryptolaemus Mealy Bug10 Bugs
BC125/25DCryptolaemus Mealy Bug25 Bugs
BC126DCryptolaemus Larvae Mealy Bug10 Larvae
BC126/25DCryptolaemus Larvae Mealy Bug25 Larvae
BC160DAABS Red Spider MiteUp to 25m
BC161DAABS Red Spider MiteUp to 75m
BC162DPhytoselulus Red Spider MiteUp to 100m
BC101DLadybird Larvae AphidsUp to 20m
BC102DLadybird Larvae With Release Bag AphidsUp to 20m
BC103DAdult Ladybird AphidsUp to 15m
BC121DChrysopa AphidsUp to 20m
BC122DChrysopa AphidsUp to 100m
BC170DEncarsia Glasshouse WhiteflyUp to 500m
BC171DEncarsia Glasshouse WhiteflyUp to 100m
BC200DT-Gramma Clothes/Food Moth1
BC201DT-Gramma Clothes/Food Moth10
BC166DABS ThripsUp to 25m
BC167DABS ThripsUp to 75m
BC127DNatural Fruit & Veg1 Pack
BC128DNatural Fruit & Veg3 Pack
BC150DSlug Nematodes40m
BC151DSlug Nematodes100m
BC190DSteinernma LeatherjacketsUp to 10m
BC191DSteinernma LeatherjacketsUp to 100m
BC192DSteinernma LeatherjacketsUp to 500m
BC140DSteinernma Ant NestUp to 6 nests
BC141DSteinernma Ant NestUp to 60 nests
BC180DHeterorhabditis Chafer GrubUp to 500m
BC181DHeterorhabditis Chafer GrubUp to 100m
BC182DHeterorhabditis Chafer GrubUp to 10m
BC131DH.Bacteriophora Vine Weevil LarvaeUp to 10m
BC132DH.Bacteriophora Vine Weevil LarvaeUp to 100m
BC133DKraussei Vine Weevil LarvaeUp to 10m
BC134DKraussei Vine Weevil LarvaeUp to 100m
BC135DAdult Vine Weevil TrapUp to 10m
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Brands Agralan
Eco Friendly Organic
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