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Rootgrow™ Professional - 2.5L


Rootgrow™ Professional (RGPro) contains pure mycorrhizal fungi packaged and supplied in large pack sizes for professional users or when larger planting projects are undertaken.

All RGpro tubs contain sachets of gel powder to be used on bare root plants if required.

  • RGpro has many applications in all aspects of horticulture and agriculture including:
  • Landscaping and garden design
  • Estate and land management
  • Tree planting and hedging
  • Top fruit and soft fruit production
  • Highways and urban planting
  • Forestry
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Brands Empathy
Pack Quantity 1
Volume 2.5L

Gel Solution:

Mix 1 sachet with 15-20L of water

The desired consistency will depend on the root density of the plant species used. The appearance of the solution, when mixed, should be similar to wallpaper paste. For more dense or fibrous roots the solution should be thinner.

Add the rootgrow™ granules when the desired consistency is met and stir well.

We recommend dipping 25 whips per dip to ensure even coverage.

Use mixed gel dip within 2 days and do not allow to freeze.

Dry Granule Application:

Rootballed and containerised:

1. Sprinkle the granules evenly, at the recommended dosage, directly into the prepared planting hole or pit.

2. Place the plant directly onto the granules so that the rootzone comes into contact with the granules.

For larger plants over 30L or 12-14 girth:

Apply during backfill against the side wall of the root zone to ensure contacts with feeder roots.

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